Accelerated Healing

All beings can heal. You, though, heal very, very quickly. You might be dying today but tomorrow you're ready to party and looking in the pink of health. Regeneration can regrow limbs after the fourth level of this power (you can only regrow limbs if you heal triple your Constitution score or more). After a while, when you heal fast enough you're also just tougher. The Hard to Kill gained at the three highest levels is applied even if you've already reached the limit of 10.

Examples: Wolverine, Lobo, Vandal Savage.


3 (heal 1xConstituion points per hour)
6 (heal 1xConstitution points per minute)
9 (heal 1xConstitution points per turn)
12 (heal 2xConstitution points per turn)
15 (heal 3xConstitution points per turn)
18 (heal 4xConstitution points per turn, Gain 1 level of Hard to Kill for free)
21 (heal 5xConstitution points per turn, Gain 3 levels of Hard to Kill for free)
24 (heal 6xConstitution points per turn, Gain 5 levels of Hard to Kill for free)

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