An Ace is a pretty lucky bastard. They're skilled - more so than your average Joe Six-Pack, anyway - but they also have a unique ability, something very few others can do. Whether it's rapid cellular regeneration, optic eye-blasts, omnilingualism, or just good old super-strength, an Ace is more than just human: they're superhuman.

In the world of Masked, superpowers have always existed, they're just now being reported on. How you got you're powers, what you do with them, and even why you have them is up to you: the player.

Maybe you're an alien, maybe you're a mutant, or maybe you're just a science experiment; whatever you are, though, is more than a man (or woman… or transsexual). Aces are wild (you're goddamn right we have poker jokes!) - they don't have to have a reason to exist - or one to fight - they just need to have a background.

Examples in Pop-Culture: Jamie Madrox, Kid Devil or Wonder Girl, both from Teen Titans, Daredevil, or Iron Fist.

Attribute Points: 15
Skill Points: 15
Quality Points: 10
Possible Drawback Points: 10
Powers Points: 10
Starting Drama Points: 10

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