Achille's Heel

The character is especially vulnerable to some substance that must be in keeping with the character concept. It could also reflect the character's nature, such as a robot taking extra damage from water or a certain alien's weakness to weapons from his home planet. The values differ according to how frequently a weakness appears in the context of the game. All Heels do double damage.

A very rare substance, such as Ununquadium really hurts you when you come into contact with it. It does double the damage to you.
Value: 1

This is a substance that's fairly rare, but not too hard to find. You may only be vulnerable to a combination of oregano, vinegar, and peaches, for instance. You can pick those up and mix it any where there's a supermarket, but it's not commonly used to attack you.
Value: 2

Something that hurts everyone else messes you up extra bad. This could be iron, wood, ceramics, or something else that usually goes into weapon production.
Value: 3

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