Something has a hold over you, anything from caffeine to hardcore drugs. This drawback has a lot of effects, depending on the level of drawback that is taken. Regardless, the character must occcasionally refer to use of said addictive substance, perhaps even in passing (as long as it isn't a Secret); they just need to make it a trait.

For every addiction valued at 2 or more, you must roll a d10 once per In Character day to determine if you are suffering from either a lack of the substance or negative effects of the substance. If you get a number equal to your level of addiction or lower, you suffer a penalty equal to your level of addiction minus one.

So if Mike is addicted to cocaine (level 4 addiction) and rolls a 4 or lower, he suffers a penalty of 3 to all rolls for that day. An addiction at Value 1 is merely roleplayed.

1 (regular drinking, smoking cigarettes or occasionally marijuana, gambling, heavy caffeine consumption)
2 (heavy drinking, chain smoking)
3 (severe drinking, light use of LSD, carton-a-day smoking)
4 (cocaine, barbiturates, heavy psychotropic drug use)
5 (heroin, heavy use of cocaine or barbiturates)
6 (straight-up crack head)

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