I hate you. And so does your enemy. The more power and clout thery have, the more this drawback is worth.

The value of the drawback is based on the power of your enemy and on how much they want you, personally, dead. An enemy that wants to kill you because you poked out his eye with a stick is worth more than an enemy that wants to kill you just because you wear a badge.

Players who have this drawback will get mini-sessions with a Staff member or Allocated PGM for a single combat that will not garner any XP or DP. A die is rolled, and if it falls equal to or lower than your character's Adversary level, well, then you've got a private scene waiting for you - one that may result in your death.

So if you're playing a first tier character and don't like death consent scenes, don't take this.

1 (A skilled human wants to speak to you)
2 (A single superhero/villain wants you, dead or alive - maybe a small gang)
3 (You're on a country's most wanted list, though the US won't deport you)
4 (You're on the US most wanted list. Good luck!)
5 (A Superhero/Villain Team wants you, dead, and so does everyone else)

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