Animal Empathy

Ever wanted to catch them all? With this power, you can, too! You can communicate telepathically (in a very primitive sense) and exert influence over animals. At the first level, you can calm animals down or scare them at will. At the second level, you can issue vague commands and interrogate them.

Note that animals might not quite understand what you want them to do, and the PGM may very well decide that the dog you want to empathize with thinks that pushing someone over is the same as humping them maniacally. You can exert your influence on as many individual animals at once as your Willpower attribute.

If your power works only on a specific family of the animal kingdom, it costs half. At the second level, you can speak to animals as if you had bought Omnilinguism. Only non-human animals, though.

Examples: Freedom Beast, Danielle Moonstar

4 (2)
8 (4)

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