Animal Transformation

This is what happens when you can shape shift into completely different species, not just other humans. When transformed, you keep all your mental attributes. You simply become the other animal, presuming you pass a doubled Willpower check. Meaning you would gain some physical stat changes, a completely new body, new size, and new abilities.

This ability takes a a turn to initiate, another turn to stop, and then, like the initial shift (needing a successful doubled Willpower roll to Transform), a turn to change to something else (you can change from one beast into another, though, directly if you'd like, saving a turn).

At the first level, this must be real, existing animals. But for tier-two? Well, anything is fair game, so long as you yourself didn't make it up - and please, no chimeras. Here are two lists of animals to transform into, the first being the ones you can become at level one, the second being, in addition to those stated in level one, the list of creatures you can become at level two.

Examples: Beast Boy, Flemeth


15 (Can shift at will and as often as you'd like)
25 (Can shift into damn near anything - not that it's always that helpful; remember, if you're rare, you're in demand - and delicious)

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