Ashvin Ashok
Ashvin Ashok
Portrayed By: Maulik Pancholy
Status: Alive
Age: 31
Occupation: Superhero
Theme Song: Superhero Brother by G.Love
Alias: The Pearl, formerly Kur
Powers: Memory Manipulation, Power Negation

Ashvin Ashok is better known as The Pearl, and is infamous for being the only S.U.P.E who lives off of royalties alone - lavishly. He hardly ever takes off the mask. For some reason, he prefers living as The Pearl. He seems to nearly never leave headquarters, and when he does, it is almost exclusively as The Pearl.


Ashvin was born to Indian-Americans in the eighties. In a childhood that can and has been used in any of Kal Penn's movies, he grew up - having some sad racist incidents, but, through adversity and the discovery of cannabis in the early nineties, became a more stable, productive member of society.

Where Ashvin Ashok's life truly becomes notably is his last year of high school.

One day, when Ashvin found himself surrounded by several slavishly fashionable jackasses, he was surprised to find they couldn't remember what they were meant to do, and he was spared a very homoerotic beating.

It snowballed from there. Teachers forgot tests. His parents remembered his birthday every other week. At that, he knew something was wrong. So he experimented. After a while, he realized he could manipulate memories. Change them. Erase them. Create or implant them. At first it only lasted a couple of hours. After a while, a few more. It only evolved from there. Inception had nothing on Ashvin Ashok.

Ashvin attended UCSB for seven years, getting all he need to eventually attend medical school in San Francisco. He and his roommate lived together, fought crime together, and hung out together. Ashvin also learned he could negate any powers, which helped them quite substantially, as neither were very good at what they did. They were joined by a few other heroes over the years, some more egotistical than others. It was a match made in Heaven.

When he finally graduated from UCSF with a medical degree, to say he was surprised by an offer to join the S.U.P.E.s is an understatement. Asked by The Swan himself, Blank (Ashvin's former superhero alias) became The Pearl, named for his ability to clarify through obscurity.

After a few years of legislation, the S.U.P.E.s were made public, and Ashvin was overwhelmed. Why he was chosen to be the Indian S.U.P.E.? No one really knows. He's genetically descended directly from Indians, yes, but he'd only been to India during holidays. he barely spoke their damn language. One of the languages, at least. There were many better choices, but none quite as useful as The Pearl would prove to be. After a few years, Ashvin and the Pearl stopped being different personas, and on the rare occasion Ashvin removes the costume, he still acts rather heroic.

At this point, he lives in the S.U.P.E.s base of operations in the Caribbean. He still keeps in irregular contact with his old friends, and even leaks a little good information to anyone willing to ask. Or maybe a lot of information. Besides that, The Pearl lives a life of solitude, rarely leaving, and even then only to meet up with old friends in his civvies or to fight the good fights.


Ashvin is really mellow. And a bigger push-over. He'll pretty much do whatever you want.

Masked Persona

The Pearl is usually silent.

A white polyester/elastane fitted long sleeve top with his sponsor's Reebok's symbol on the left side of his chest in red. White elastane leggings and a crimson belt make his suit one large piece of fitted clothe. Being who he is, the suit isn't complete without tight, bright red cotton boxer trunks over the leggings.

A red domino mask with white piping completes the look.


  • Empathy (2)
  • Fast Reaction Time (2)
  • Hard To Kill (3)
  • Resources 8


Your peeps. Folks, friends, whatever.

Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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