Atomic Psychometry

Whereas psychometry is the psychic ability to sense memories and the residual spiritual energy in objects, this is a much more quantum power.

You have the ability to understand matter at an atomic level, a complex and complete understanding of the world on a small scale. For the most part, this is a complimentary power to those with psychic abilities or matter manipulating abilities.

For instance, using Summoning or Transmutation to change lead into or summon gold is a matter of adding protons and neutrons - a breaking of several physical laws, but understandable to the mind.

Changing a hunk of steel into a miniaturized, working replica of a steam boat to play with during bath time? That takes a full understanding of the engineering, physics, and reactions in the things you wish to create. This allows simple powers to become infinitely more complex.

With a successful INT/Atomic Psychometry roll, you have the knowledge to create certain objects. The complexity of the object requires a certain success level.

In general:
Success level 1: You can change the particles and structure of matter into different molecules and mixtures; one thing into another, but no mechanical parts (You can take water and make wine, or sand and make cocaine)
Success Level 2: You'll succeed in creating a simple machine with only a few moving parts (A mechanical time piece).
Success Level 3: You can change or create matter with reasonably complexity (summon a machine gun)
Success Level 4: You can create or change matte into rich, elaborate constructs (microprocessors, working computers, gyrocopters).

Examples: Doctor Manhattan, Edward Elric
Cost: 2 per level

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