So there are six attributes in the Unisystem, three physical attributes and three mental attributes, that represent a character's basic propensities. The 'average' attribute is around 2. An exceptional human being would have around 4 or 5, while 6 represents the very few, dedicated best. Anything higher than that is superhuman.

Your average citizen probably has a total number of attributes that add up to 13.


I blasted my pecs today. Thought you should know. Feel my tris! STRength usually determines damage, how much loot you can carry, and as a cool bonus, adds to your durability and Life Points. The table below is a guideline for how much you can usually lift - you'd max out at about double that.

1-6 50 lbs x STR
7-10 250 lbs x (STR - 5) + 500 lbs
11-15 1000 lbs x (STR - 10) + 1,500 lbs
16-20 1,500 lbs x (STR - 15) + 5,000 lbs

Bear in mind we base Strength rolls in real weight. So to lift a car you would need some where in the thirteen to 18 range. To break a cement wall or a fortified door you'd need around a 25. This is to be decided by whomever the PGM is.


Toughness and durability are the crux of Constitution. How well you take a punch and avoid the flu, all in one. It also covers stamina and general endurance. You'd use CONstitution for things like staying awake or running a marathon.


Dexterity covers hand-eye coordination, reflexes, motor skills, and how fast it takes you to get from point A to point B. Punching someone, sneaking up on him or her, your latest submission to deviantart, flitting about like a ballerina, and freerunning are just a few things you do with DEXterity.

With more dexterity comes more actions in a round. Everyone automatically gain one offensive and one defensive action with no penalties, having more dexterity, though, gives you one extra action as according to the table below, to be decided by you as offensive or defensive - with a cumulative -2 penalty, though it resets at the end of every round.

5-6 1
7-8 2
9-10 3
11-13 4
+3 Dexterity +1 Action


The Intelligence attribute means memory, reasoning, analysis, and things of the reasoning sort. When you want to understand just what the hell quantum chromodynamics means, what Prince Alfred liked to do in his spare time, or date that anachronistic weapon to an approximate origin, you'll probably pair INTelligence with some skill in a roll.

Oh, and it's also useful when interacting with people - you've got to have some intelligence to tell an artful lie.


When you're absorbing all the information you're processing or are you lost somewhere, you'll want to use Perception. Things like planning an assault on someone else's castle in the sky, getting a clue, or identifying rigor mortis are ruled by PERception.

If you want to notice what kind of cuff-links that cute but old fashioned dude down the street was wearing, where your last bounty escaped to, or who's sneaking on you, you'd probably use Perception.


Willpower is exactly what it sounds like: your force of personality and mental state.

It helps when you're trying to show a thug what's what, Intimidation without throwing a punch, playing a game of mercy, resisting telepathic invasion, moving stuff with your beta-alpha waves, or using certain powers, are affected by WILLpower.

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