Aya Okello
Aya Okello
Portrayed By: Nina Sosanya
Status: Alive
Age: 38
Occupation: Nursery Teacher
Theme Song: Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros
Alias: The Flame, formerly Burning Bright
Powers: Flame Blasts

Aya Okello is better known as The Flame, and is one of the few African superhero's that is still standing, and is the by far the most innocent SUPE, not having ventured out of Kenya until she was in her 30s. Out of the tights and mask, Ms. Okello owns a Nursery in Kenya, and always attempts to see the best in people, be they good or evil. She has never killed. Even on accident.


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Masked Persona

An athletic red barricade capsleeve top complete with the white stripes of Adidas, her reluctant sponsor. The octagonal Flame logo is blazoned in white across her chest and back. Red skirt-shorts over white tights, continuing the sponsor's stripes, complete the suit. A white and red lower face mask serves to keep her secret identity. The Flame has deep red, seemingly flaming dreadlocks that dance in the wind like embers.


  • Fast Reaction Time (2)
  • Hard To Kill (3)
  • Resources 6


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Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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