We expect that you convey whatever you feel will adequately give your character the kind of depth that you want while explaining all her traits and ambiguities. While this sometimes incurs long backgrounds, it's not required. We have no limit or minimum length, just make sure you give a complete history of important events for your character.

We're very open with content in backgrounds, and pretty loose with style. We like prose, of course, but this doesn't mean you have to settle with a narrative or encyclopedic approach. If you can be creative (program and history files for your robot character as a background, obituaries for your two-thousand year old character throughout the ages, or a bad ass epic ballad for your mutant rock-star), do it. It's a sure-fire way to get approved.

In the end, it's all about the story. If you're honest about your character, and the background shows us who she is, well, that's a great background. RP/Event driven characters are the only ones with staying power anyway, so your BG does not need to be utterly inclusive. Everyone's characvter changes once i hits the grid. We just want a solid foundation for psyche, goals, flaws, and ideals.

We like unique backgrounds. You're not going to get denied for being too off-the-wall here. Ever. Just try being original, and we'll probably be alright with it.

Obviously, you need a life-story, a few things about yourself worked into a report/fiction, some explanation for your powers (science experiments, genetics, unique quantum strings you call chi, whatever…). Just remember that whether it's a few paragraphs or two pages, it's got to represent the character at it's heart.

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