A character with the Bane Drawback is vulnerable to an otherwise nondamaging substance such as water, sunlight, or a specific element, material, or object. The Bane should relate to the character's background or powers in some way. For example, a Pyrokinetic's bane might be water. The character suffers damage if his or her skin is physically touched by the Bane. If the Bane does not require direct physical contact (such as sunlight, seeing one's reflection, or having the Bane in close proximity) the damage is halved.

Alternatively, if the Bane only affects the character when ingested, the damage is doubled. Finally, the damage rating assumes that the Bane is common, such as water, sunlight, steel, or wood. If it is less common such as a holy symbol, Buddhist scripture, or rare element like Chlorine, the damage is also doubled. If it is even more rare, such as one particular artefact, the damage may be tripled or quadrupled.

1 Bane causes minor damage. 5 damage per round of exposure.
2 Bane causes moderate damage. 10 damage per round of exposure.
3 Bane causes severe damage. 15 damage per round of exposure.

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