Blind Fury

Under specific conditions approved in Character Generation, the character will enter a state of unbridled anger. While enraged, the character will furiously attack the closest person, whether that individual is a friend or foe. Once that person is defeated or flees, the berserk character will attack the next closest threat. Examples of conditions that might initiate Blind Fury include: receiving a certain amount of damage, sight of blood, a specific sound or smell, being outnumbered in combat, seeing a friend in mortal danger, confrontation with a specific opponent, etc. The character can only return to a normal emotional state under another specific condition. This return could involve a Willpower save, or could be an automatic reversion. Examples of return conditions include: no opponents in the vicinity, a specific calming technique performed by an ally, solitude, injection of a particular drug, being knocked unconscious, etc.

1 ´╗┐Initiating the Blind Fury is difficult; reverting to normal emotional state is easy.
2 ´╗┐Initiating the Blind Fury and reverting to normal emotional state are both moderately difficult.
3 ´╗┐Initiating the Blind Fury is easy; reverting to normal emotional state is difficult.

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