Boris Maldive
Boris Maldive
Portrayed By: Dolph Lungdren
Status: Alive
Age: 51
Occupation: World-Renowned Author
Theme Song: The Wake Up Song by The Submarines
Alias: Face
Powers: Healing

Boris Maldive is a major player in Canadian superheroing, and he and his team regularly investigate problems in their neighbor to the south: the United States. Occasionally even Lotus City!


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Boris is a solitary man, and keeps very closely to himself. He is perhaps the most prolific Canadian author, and is an avid fan of poetry. He is a heartfelt Romantic.

Masked Persona

Face is a very silent superhero. He will heal either side, though he prefers to keep the bad guys incapacitated for as long as possible.


  • Contacts: Government (5)


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Recent Events

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