Bounty Hunter

You hunt bad guys, whether it’s a nighttime hobby or your round the clock job. You fight against the baddies. There’s a difference between you and a Superhero or other amateur – you believe in evil and know that the metahuman/supervillains are it. Bounty Hunters don’t get cozy with bad guys. Ever.

This is bigoted, illogical hatred. All the time. Who the bad guys are? That's up to you. Obviously you don't really need to be a Bounty Hunter. You could also be an Assassin. Or just someone who doesn't play well with others.

+1 to any three attributes. This cannot raise an attribute above 6.
+1 to any two combat-oriented skills
+1 to Survival
Adversary 1 (Henchmen/Allies)
Mental Problem (Severe Delusion) 2. Most superhuman things are innately evil to you, though the good guys get a free pass. This gets really weird when you actually are superhuman…

Cost: 4

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