Candy Charlemagne
Candor 'Candy' Charlemagne
Portrayed By: Jennifer Lawrence
Status: Alive
Age: 25
Occupation: Student/Exotic Dancer
Theme Song: -
Quote: I'm not so sweet, myself.
Alias: -
Powers: Disintegration, baby.

Candy Charlemagne is a student at The College by day and the smartest girl on any stage at Tavlin by night.


Stereotypes be damned. I've been busting them by the dozens since I got here. It's not just the fuckers at Tavlin who think since I've got the body, I must have been shorted on the brain. It's the little nerdy twats at the College who against all common sense still think that being blonde means being a dumbass bimbo.

It's taken a few years for me to prove my mettle with my teachers. I've been here for a number of them, studying mass comm and working for the school newspaper. I suppose sleeping up the rungs doesn't help my argument. But I'm not overstaying my welcome here. The College needs people like me to kick ass and twerk it.

My parents are rich — they've got the reputation as green energy tycoons, because it's not just the Earth that benefits when your mom and dad patent more effective and efficient energy alternatives. So it's not to say I dance my way through school because I can't afford it. It's just that I don't mind the slack-jawed limp-dicked sweaty-palmed assbags ogling me. They've got their ways of handling their six-inch brainspans, just like the rest of them.

But yeah, my parents. When we lived here briefly in the mid-2000's I liked the area enough to convince them to let me stay for the last few years of high school. They figured it'd be safe and uneventful. Funny, too, since high school got immensely more entertaining once they left and I started fine-tuning my powers. Oh, that was fucking hilarious! At prom I disintegrated Sidney Swinton's ridiculous hair and convinced her she'd eaten it.

It's probably why she hates me now and wants me to die. But you know? Haters gonna hate.


Human aspartame saccharin sweet. It's likely that all her interactions leave everyone with a weird, "did I just get trolled" taste in their minds' mouths.

Masked Persona

It's like someone blended the Powerpuff Girls with Nancy Drew and threw in a dash of Jane Fonda. She shows up in red and pink (and somehow rocks it) bodysuits more often than not, but she'll sometimes pretend she just got done at the nightclub when she goes out. Because, goddamn, if you've got it…


  • Strength: 3
  • Dexterity: 4 (5)
  • Constitution: 3
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 3 (4)
  • Willpower: 3


Recent Events

None yet.

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