Qui prior est tempore potior est jure [Who is first in point of time is stronger in right].
- Ancient Maxim of Roman Jurisprudence, Unattributed

First come, first served.
- Complaynt of Roderick Mors, English Law

- Youtube Commenters, Anonymous

Yes - do try to get here on time. The powers or archetype you wish to play may not be there in the morning.

We will be using a census. Sort of.

It won't be too extensive.

It won't come around until we've got a few players and have gotten at least somewhat stable.

And it'll never come around if we don't get 20 Supermen. Or Spider-Men. Or Ironmen. You get the picture.

Furthermore - we should point out that we will be limiting certain powers after the game itself gets old enough - not too new players, but to those looking to buy themselves new abilities with XP. We don't want to have anyone getting too powerful.

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