Character Types

You may choose from one of six character types. He or she may be adept - a character who relies on skill rather than any power, talented - a character who relies on both skill and power, or superheroic - a character who relies primarily on his or her power.

The first tier represents individuals who are just starting out doing whatever they're doing, while the second represents those who've been at it for a while - experienced costumed crusaders would probably be in the second tier, while a brand new student at a school for kids with powers would more than likely be in the first. Of course, it's all up to you. You could have a really poor supe, or a total bad ass father fucking teenage mutant ninja chick who could destroy the world with a thought despite being in the tenth grade at Halo Academy for the Superhuman.

When everything is said and done, though, they're both often just as important to the big picture, whatever that turns out to be.

For now, you are limited to one first tier and one second tier character or three first tier characters.

Adept Talented Superheroic
Pro Ace Hotshot
Mavin Virtuoso Power
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