You feel the need… the need for… anything. A Compulsion is simply the physical or mental need to complete an action. It isn't just routine or habit, but the actual force compelling you to do something important. If you do not complete a Compulsion you have taken as a Drawback, there may be consequences.

A minor Compulsion should be an irritant that creates some trouble, but is very easily managed. Maybe you have to drink a banana smoothie every weekend, or bathe in white wine once a week to keep healthy because of some odd biological tick.

A moderate Compulsion should force you to go out of your way to deal with it on a regular basis - such as eating only meat to maintain your Super Strength, or never being able to watch TV for more than an episode of your favorite show or two at a time lest your electrokinesis build up too much static cling and blow the set up.

A serious Compulsion should disrupt your daily life - like having to eat brains, or being severely adverse to darkness (meaning you can only go out in the day time). A Compulsion can usually be changed or relieved in some way while it is still upon the character (meaning you can buy off the Drawback with XP).

1 (Minor)
2 (Moderate)
3 (Major)

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