This character wants something. Badly.

Not necessarily one thing, usually just a group related to each other.

There are four possibilities for their desires in this category: Greed (Wealth), Lechery (anyone the character is attracted to), Conspicuousness (the desire for fame), and Ambition (power).

There are, however, differing levels of this desire for whatever it is that they want. Mild is a 1 pt drawback, and indicates that while the character wants this thing, the desire can be tempered by reason and better judgment with some effort. Severe is a 2 point drawback, and the character will need a powerful reason or effort to stop going after what they want. In fact, a double Willpower roll must be made, with a penalty of -1 to -3, to resist their desire. The third level is Desperate (3 point drawback) and the Willpower roll is now a single roll, but with a penalty of -1 to -5. If these Willpower rolls fail, then the character will go after what they want regardless of the consequences of their actions.

Value: 1/level

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