Cowl Division

While you can always aim low and be a Cop, impress women and children as a Detective, or buy your way into a cushy desk job, there are always those brave few that will join the force to see some action.

For that, you join the Cowl Division, Lotus City's Law Enforcement branch that specifically trains to dispatch and deal with metahumans. The Cowl Division is the primary branch of Law Enforcement who employs metahumans.

+1 to Constitution and Perception
Hard to Kill 2
Iron Mind
Nerves of Steel
Rank 3 (regular Cowl Division officers are above a Detective - akin to a Sergeant in charge)
Supe Files 3
+1 to Kung-Fu, Notice, and Survival

Addiction: Player's Choice (-1)
Adversary: Lowlifes1 (-3)
Obligation: The Police (-2)
Secret2 (-1)

Cost: 11

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