David Davereaux
David Davereaux
Portrayed By: James Purefoy
Status: Alive
Age: 45
Occupation: High School Teacher
Theme Song: Power by Kanye West
Alias: The Swan, formerly Scarlet Eagle/Swan
Powers: Flight, Strength, Durability

David Davereaux is better known as The Swan, considered the world's foremost super-hero and undoubtedly acknowledged as the most popular. Out of the tights and mask, Mr. Davereaux is a high school English teacher born and living in Ontario who took an extended sabbatical that looks like it'll never end.


The Swan hit the world as the first super-hero to step out from behind the curtain. He's a charismatic tv and radio personality, and ran a podcast to connect with fans until 2009. He was also the first supe to sign a deal with (then a tiny subsidiary publishing company) Trajan Comics. A household name, and the supe everyone thinks about when supes are mentioned.


He's The Swan. Loved by all, feared by some. And with great power comes great arrogance.

Masked Persona

An athletic red, 100% polyester french terry jacket over a nomex top, complete with the white stripes of The Swan's apparel sponsor, Adidas. The octagonal Swan logo is blazoned in white across his chest and across the back of his large white cape. High impact fitted red pants, continuing the sponsor's stripes, complete the suit. A red and white upper face mask serves to keep his secret identity.


  • Attractiveness (3)
  • Contacts 5 (Supes)
  • Contacts 3 (Government)
  • Fast Reaction Time (2)
  • Hard To Kill (5)
  • Situational Awareness (2)


Your peeps. Folks, friends, whatever.

Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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