It's sad, but it's true. There are thousands of people dying right now, and your characters are no different. Maybe he slipped on some grease or maybe he pissed off the wrong villain or superhero, but the fact is he's dead. Of course, in the world of Masked, there's chances that he's not quite dead. He could be in a coma, replaced with a body double, or trapped in some crazy physicist's experimental pocket dimension - hell, he may have just been playing possum, and dramatically opened his eyes after the others left.

Whatever the case, you can bring your character back to life after death.

Here's the breakdown in terms of what it'll cost you (how many Drama Points you'll need):

1 DP: Your character is back next season or in six months, whichever is first.
5 DP: Your character makes a reappearance next episode.
10 DP: Your character comes back in the same episode.

The exact nature of what happened and how he came back will be worked out with staff.


Yes! You need to give your consent before your character dies - kind of. Except… you automatically give consent to be killed as a second-tier character (a Mavin, Virtuoso, or Power), but not as a first-tier character. Also: it's acknowledged you give consent to be killed if you're playing a villain, or are in a specifically labeled death-consent PRP, or take part in an episode.

For the most part, you won't go around dying indiscriminately. We won't say it's not possible (if some super-villain is crazy, it is certainly a small possibility), just not likely. We don't regulate character death, though if you keep on killing and it comes to be seen as a problem, expect an angry mob to come and kill you.

In Masked, there is always the distinct possibility that your character will die - but if you don't act foolish, you won't.

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