Dennis Coles
Dennis Coles
Portrayed By: Dwyane Wade
Status: Alive
Age: 28
Occupation: Graduate Student
Theme Song: Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Alias: The Metallic Man
Powers: Armored Suit.

Dennis Coles is an Engineering graduate student at Erikson College.


Was originally taken as a basketball player by Lotus City University, but transfered when EC had the much better Engineering college. He is noticeably smarter than his professors.


Extremely laid back, not above a practical joke when he is feeling particularly petty and childish - so a decent amount of the time. He heads a squad for the College.

Masked Persona

A large, flying suit of armor, occasionally cracking wise and almost always ready to rock.


  • Strength: 6 (3)1
  • Dexterity: 5 (2)2
  • Constitution: 6 (3)3
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Willpower: 2



Recent Events

None yet.

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