Density Control

You can increase and decrease the density of yourself and/or others. Meaning they become heavier/lighter, and therefore harder/easier to move. For Intangibility, see that power.

This requires a Density Control (equal to your level of purchase - if you bought rank 2 and a 4 Willpower, it'd be a base bonus of 6)/Willpower roll. If you pass, then the power works! This power would take a full turn to use, and would just mean the target weighs more or less.

They could slow falls and not take damage, they could make a gun too heavy to lift/aim, or just weigh a person down. To break the Density Control, break the users concentration. You can move fine if your maxed out strength lift is equal to or greater than the density added, but if it isn't, it's up to the PGM to decide if you can move. Apply penalties if they can somehow fight it. No matter how much weight you apply/remove, this is not necessarily fatal.

Examples: Vision


Cost Level Weight Difference
5 1 ± 50 lbs. or less
8 2 ± 250 lbs. or less
10 3 ± 500 lbs. or less
15 4 ± 1,000 lbs. or less
25 5 ± 2,500 lbs. or less
30 6 ± 10,00 lbs. or less
35 7 ± 50,000 lbs. or less
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