Drama Points

This is a story, so it's only natural to have some cinematic magic.

Drama Points are there to help you be awesome and not die. It's also around in case there's a bomb ticking and you need to find it, when you just need this rare part but you don't know where to find it. Just spend a Drama Point and things turn out unusually well for you. Things wouldn't be fun if Matt Murdock simply got killed by a random mugger in the second issue, would they?

Getting Drama Points

Player of the Week poll: Win it for 1DP.

XP Purchase: You can buy Drama Points with XP. It costs .5 XP for 1 DP for first tier characters and costs 1:1 for second tier characters.

Shit Happens: If the GM decides to be nasty, she may give you a DP as compensation.

Episodes, Staffplots & PRPs: The GM may choose to reward you with up to 1DP (2DP will be incredibly rare) per scene for exceptional roleplay or creative thinking on the character's (and player's) part.

Social Scenes and Tie-Ins: Every once in a blue moon (It has to be bluuue!) the staff may award someone with DP after noticing some particularly interesting piece of RP in the logs.

Going Shopping

Unless noted, you can only use one of these per every round in combat.

Heroic Feat: For when you want to look cool. Or stay alive. Either, way, this adds a +10 bonus to any roll. You've got to inform the GM of this before you roll.

I Think I'm Okay: So that skinny punk turned out to have serrated nails that grew six inches and super strength? When your character is particularly hurt, you may spend a drama point to negate half the damage you've taken until the point of expenditure. That sword does 50 damage? You do this and you only take 25 Life Points off. Guess it was just a flesh wound.

Plot Twist: So you need a classified military code. For a DP, the GM will make it that much easier for you to get your hands on it. This basically covers 'script' changes - and generally means the GM will nudge the plot in your favor.

Righteous Fury: So you and your Lois Lane (or some other chick with the initials L.L) just saw a bullet fly into your window, and neither of you were hurt? Turns out someone else took that bullet meant for you from an enemy. You gain a +5 to all actions for the remainder of the scene. It costs two Drama points, however, and this can't just be because you got angry - it has to be a mood-and-mind-altering tragedy.

Back From the Dead: Death can come, even for a mutant with a healing factor. This is what Drama Points are for - and why you should probably keep a few instead of spending them all. Check our page on Death for some costs.

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