A character with this quality can make one or more self-aware duplicates of himself. This means there are literally multiples of the character. The duplicate is under the character's control, and will act in a manner consistent to that character. One duplicate may be made per round, and it takes an entire round. They last until they reach 0 Life Points. Unfortunately, no duplicator has ever held the ability to make personal armies at a whim - because that's a lot of XP spends. It's a taxing ability, after all.

A character can only have up to their WILL score in duplicates. They are controlled on the player's turn as if all sharing a single hive mind of control.

Examples: Multiple, Billy Numerous


25 (One duplicate may exist at a given time)
50 (Two duplicates may exist at a given time)
75 (Three duplicates may exist at a given time)
+25 (Per Duplicate - For XP/CharGen)

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