Dustin Paul Entz
Dustin Paul Entz
Portrayed By: Dustin Paul Entz
Status: Alive
Age: 25
Occupation: English Teacher
Theme Song: Vodka - Korpiklaani
Alias: An Huang Di (Emperor An)
Powers: No


Dustin Entz is from a small town in western Canada. He lead a rather dull and boring life around farmers. He had few friends
when he was young, and was initially a very shy person who spent his time reading, playing video games and playing with his two younger sisters. From elementary school to highshcool he remained in his small village, known as Mortlach, and nothing eventful ever happened.Dustin always felt different from others, but he could never really put his thumb on what it was. He often imagined about being immortal or having superpowers that would make himself invincible. He always daydreamed about ruling the world, or flying, or doing amazing powers, and with all the emerging superpowers on the earth, the fantasies made him ever so much more desire to dream on about these powers.

During his youth at a farm, he picked up various skills. He learned the basics of driving, shooting, criminal activity (he often egged houses, or threw toilet paper up in trees during Halloween, or stole small items from friend's homes out of boredom), and swinging weapons around (he had a weapon collection, and just messed around with the various medieval arms he owned). In his spare time he drew pictures, wrote stories, played around on the internet and computer and role played online.

He grew up and decided that it was time for him to leave the small village. After taking a year break from school he pursued a University Degree at the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada and graduated in 2008. He majored in Eastern Asian culture and studied the Chinese language. During this time Dustin started to discover many things that he never really knew about whilst living on that boring old farm in Mortlach Canada. He discovered metal music, punk / visual kei cosplay, and tabletop gaming, which to this day he all still readily enjoys. He worked various part time jobs, one of which was in a Halloween costume shop.

After University, he then went to Taiwan, Republic of China for some time to teach English. Here he became a much braver, friendlier, and more outgoing individual. All the childhood insecurities, boredom, idle thoughts and worries that he once had were now a thing of the past.

However, as fate would have it, he discovered a rare opportunity in Lotus city. There was apparently a rich Taiwanese student known as Wang Xue Ting who was looking for a permanent living partner that could completely teach him English and then apply to enter some College that Dustin had never even heard of before. Originally, Dustin didn't really understand why Wang Xue Ting would need any assistance at Simon R.R. Erikson College when the institution itself was in America. Couldn't Mr. Wang just learn English with the natives? There was however a catch: Mr. Wang was also disabled. Wang could not use his legs as he was stuck in a wheel chair, and thus needed some sort of friend and caretaker.Deciding to give up his dreams in living in Taiwan for a few years, Dustin decided that it would be economically easier to work for Wang. Wang was four years younger than him, but extremely rich, and the salary being offered, free accommodations and food, was far too much to just let go. Besides, he could move back to Taiwan after the four years, right? He could even continue his Chinese studies with Wang, and experience life in the United States of America.

And thus, Dustin moved to Lotus City, and lived with Mr. Wang in his expensive household somewhere close to the Simon R.R. Erikson college, where he normally accompanies Mr. Wang and helps him in his daily needs.


Dustin is extremely friendly to everyone he meets … if they're from East Asia. He finds most Asians rather interesting and treats them much better than himself or fellow Westerners. He's still kind to the North American population but puts particular attention on those of Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, etc, (with the exception of Korea). This sort of sets himself out as a misfit; he doesn't feel like he belongs to the North American culture, but being white himself, also doesn't particularly feel attached to any Asian culture either. He loves to joke and take things out of context to the point where they seem utterly ridiculous. He is normally very easygoing. In the public setting he is very outgoing and very helpful to friends and strangers alike, but at home or when alone he is very quiet. He doesn't think too deeply or reflect on himself, and always worries about others before himself.

He loves to joke around, and never likes to act too seriously. He feels without humor, the world is meaningless.

He absolutely must be doing something. He hates to stare blankly, waste time, and must find some sort of work to do or he will get bored and angry, even impatient. If he does get angry or impatient at all, it is when there is a task to be done and nobody is trying to do anything about it. Sometimes he also jokes about strangers behind their backs if he is hanging out with his Chinese friends.


  • Strength: 2
  • Dexterity: 2
  • Constitution: 3
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Perception: 3
  • Willpower: 3


Dustin has Wang Xue Ting, his boss and employee. However, due to Wang's health, Dustin is usually the one deciding what needs to be done, and Wang is more or less a weakened conversationalist who Dustin takes along with him. There are also various Chinese friends that Dustin is often hanging out with. In addition to these individuals, Dustin also is in league with many metal-heads and punk rockers, whom he often trades or makes rock and roll clothing with. Call his group of friends a posse, or gang, or whatever, but in any case he has quite a few very unique and strange friends.

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