Eddie Blackheart
Eddie Blackheart
Portrayed By: Benjamin Bratt
Status: Alive
Age: 43
Occupation: CEO of Blackheart Industries
Theme Song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers
Alias: Johnny Injun
Powers: Matter Mimicry

Eddie Blackheart is a major player in Canadian superheroing, and he and his team regularly investigate problems in their neighbor to the south: the United States. Occasionally even Lotus City!


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Eddie Blackheart is a ruthless Fortune 500 Company owner. He is Founder, CEO, CFO, and general Boss of Blackheart Industries. He is a bastard.

Masked Persona

Johnny Injun is a no-nonsense kind of hero. Do your job, leave him alone, and maybe one day he'll save your ass.


  • Contacts: Government (5)
  • Ex-Intelligence (5)
  • Resources (10)


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Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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