Emotional Problems

Your character is emo. Need I say more?

DEPRESSION Try as you might, you can't bring yourself to do almost anything. Every second alive is a struggle to keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Accordingly, you suffer a -1 penalty to all tasks. This is a 2 pt. Drawback, or a 1 pt. if the character is successfully on medication for it.
EASILY FLUSTERED You don't always take things as lightly as normal people do, or get affected somehow by something someone said or did, whether you get angry, nervous, or whatever is up to you, given the situation. This 1 pt. Drawback provides a -1 to appropriate rolls if the character is flustered.
EMOTIONAL DEPENDENCY Yep. You need people. No, really. Your close friend going for a week long vacation is going to gnaw at you, and you're going to want to spend ridiculous amounts of time semi-stalking your spouse. This gets you 1 point for being needy.
FEAR OF COMMITMENT You're not good with people getting too close. Who knows why, maybe you've been burned enough to stay away from the flame. Even if it's not too hot. 1 pt. Drawback.
FEAR OF REJECTION She said no. I can't…live with myself. It's not fair! Why'd she reject me? Yup. Your character just can't take rejection, and will probably get angry, hurt, and feel other overblown emotions when rejected. 1 pt. Drawback
INSECURITY You don't do well on stage, and probably don't feel good about what's in the mirror either. This gives you a -2 to initiative. 1 pt. Drawback.
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