Energy Constructs

You can form weapons from energy. This includes explosions as well. This power is instantaneous. You are limited to making a number of weapons/projectiles equal to your Willpower (You can shoot 4 energy arrows from an energy bow with a 4 Willpower at once (they'd be calculated as one single shot, but with four times the damage); shoot 7 or less bullets with a 7 Willpower in a single round/burst) at a time. It also means that shooting those 4 energy arrows counts as one attack action.

At higher levels you can make natural bombs, or a horse and carriage that you control with sheer willpower. You cannot be disarmed of an energy construct. To hit, roll whatever the appropriate combat score would be (Dexterity/Getting Medieval for a sword you formed, Dexterity/Gun Fu for a grenade). If these are swords controlled by thought rather than your own two hands, you can hit by rolling WIL/Getting Medieval (or whatever the appropriate skill may be).

You may also use a double WILL roll to create the construct equivalent of a force field to stop attacks, where they are parried. Much like the dodge maneuver, though, bullets and high-speed projectiles cannot be stopped easily in this parry - they are stopped at a -6.

With this power you can also construct things like tools, boxes, beds, bags, or other simple objects, though this probably won't be used often in combat.

Examples: Uryu Ishida, Green Lanterns


15 (Can make primitive weapons - things you can Get Medieval with)
20 (Can make complicated weapons like guns or energy 'grenades')
25 (Can make complex machinery, be it biological or mechanical - such as a swarm of bees, a flying saucer, or even a giant mecha)

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