An underlying plotline run by staff which will be posted as an Episode (with their own name and number!), which represent …you guessed it, episodes from the fictional television show that is Masked. There will be multiple parts (scenes) to each episode, so if you weren't in Part Two, Episode One feel free to jump in to Part Four, Episode One. They will be scenes run separately, but will have to concur with the rest of the continuity. That's on us, though, and we will try to let PCs be in as many scenes as they would like.

Novels are all other staff-run plots - usually one-offs. We'll try to do these often. We work best under pressure, so tell us when you want to run something and we probably will soon.

PRPs (Player Run Plots) are Webisodes. Despite the name, these are some of the most important parts of the MU* universe.

Published Issues are scenes that tie into plots, but that don't involve dice-rolling and/or PGMs.

Web Extras are what we're calling social scenes, which, again, are just for RP purposes. But they're fun, and can still yield XP or DPs. These usually run the emotional themes of the show. Or just offer a way to kill time. They are extremely important.

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