You were in the military (yes, these names are awesome - thank you). Though you’ve left (on purpose or due to disciplinary action), you still retain some skills that might be useful in the hunting of supes and villains.

'Normal' indicates standard military service, 'Officer' indicates that you were a commissioned Officer, and 'Commando' covers ex-SEALs, SAS, Spetsnaz, Special Forces, or CIA paramilitary operatives.

If the character is still in the military the cost is subtracted by 2 for normal soldiers and officers and 3 for Special Forces operatives, and you have to take orders from the Man.

Package Normal
+1 to CON and any other physical attribute
+2 pts. of Hard to Kill
Situational Awareness
Cost: 6 (4)

Package Officer
+1 to any 2 physical attributes
+1 to Knowledge
+2 pts. of Hard to Kill
Situational Awareness
Cost: 7 (5)

Package Commando
3 points to distribute in physical attributes
+3 pts. of Hard to Kill
+1 to Crime
+1 to Gun Fu or Kung Fu
Fast Reaction Time or Situational Awareness
Cost: 10 (7)

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