Experience Points

Hopefully, you learn as you live. Your characters probably will, even if you don't. There are several ways that you get XP, and it's usually through plots, reccs, and votes. It's .25 XP per vote and .5 XP per reccomendation, in case you're wondering.

Getting Experience Points

Scenage Player Award PGM Award
Episode 2-3 XP N/A
Staff Scene 1-2 XP N/A
PRP (Death Consent) 2 XP1 2 XP
PRP 1-2 XP 2 XP
Public Event N/A2 1 XP

Spending Experience Points

Type of Stat Cost Frequency
Attribute 4 x New Score Once a month.
New Skill 5 XP As much as you want.
Power3 4 x New Score/Cost Once a month.
Skill 3 x New Score Once a month.
First Language 5 XP One full month to learn.
Additional Language 2XP One full month to learn.
Qualities4 3 x Quality Cost Once a month.
Drawback Buy-off 5 x Drawback Value Every other month.
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