Flunkies are, for the most part, Minions, but you can use out of character Quality points to attain them - and they are always going to be loyal. Maybe they're your slow best friends, your lovable (or cringe-inducing) Shelley-esque creations, or just hired goons who know not to cross you - regardless, you have baseline human NPCs - using guns, their brawn, and any Gadgets you've purchased,, controlled by you/your character, who will help you and only you out of a jam.

Of course, if you're a superhero then you might want a sidekick - or a few of them - and this functions in the same way.

Staff will contact you at Character Generation with more information if you choose this Quality.

Cost: 4/Flunky up to three Flunkies, then 1/Flunky afterwards (So ten guys would be 19 Quality points - but you control up to eleven people (yourself included, of course, as your character should be there to enforce his will and keep their respect) in a combat scene)

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