Fūma Miyuki
Fūma Miyuki
Portrayed By: Ai Otsuka
Status: Alive
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Theme Song: The Seatbelts - Gotta Knock a Little Harder
Alias: Shadow Dancer
Powers: Yes


Miyuki is quite obviously from Japan, born into the Fuma clan of which their most famous member is Fuma Kotaro. It is not understood how this lineage first developed their powers, but the majority that have developed through the ages have shown affinity to shadows and stealth. She came to this college as a student and she considers herself that the top priority, but it is never the less a cover. She is on a secret mission to document all the "gifted" people she comes across, noting their powers and weaknesses then relaying that information back to her people. She doesn't know exactly where it ends up from there, but she dutifully abides.


She likes corgis and kittens, loves the color pink, and seems to be rather care-free or even silly about most situations. Very rarely will she ever take anything seriously even if forced into battle and only going into a more serious mind-set when she believes her life is in danger. She loves to dance but only when no one is watching, with ballet being her favorite style. The reason she is called the shadow dancer isn't because of her affinity with being invisible, but because whenever someone catches her in the act of actually dancing she tends to fade from sight and flee in humiliation. She has a tendency to steal fancy clothing and has a real flair for style. She is also considered a prankster.

Masked Persona

This would be the rarely seen side of Miyuki and she typically tries to avoid making her presence known. She usually wears dark colored skin-tight clothing that conceals everything but her eyes, eyebrows and the bridge of her nose. She tries her best to keep oral speech to a minimum and prefers to use hand signals or pantomiming to communicate. Her masked persona has no name and she prefers it that way. She takes on a serious and focused personality during this role. Unlike her public persona she doesn't hold back or conceal her hidden powers, using them freely.

The Hidden Powers and how they work:
She can sense the gifted within a decent area, but to actually discern the person's powers she needs to activate her left eye. The left eye's color changes from brown to a grey color when she is trying to evaluate someone. To illuminate those that would hide from her in the dark, her right eye changes in hue to a soft silver. She seems to have some kind of power that can manipulate wind.


  • Strength: 3
  • Dexterity: 6
  • Constitution: 2
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Perception: 4
  • Willpower: 3



Recent Events

None yet.

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