You have nifty gizmos. Widgets? Things that aren't quite sci-fi and mostly sound theoretically possible and on most occasions are just sleeker, cooler versions of stuff that already exists. Like a taser sword. Or a batarang. Spider-tracker? Whatever floats your boat.

You buy one level for each kind of gadget you have - and it's accepted that you either have access to or the ability to make a whole bunch, as needed - meaning an unlimited amount. So that'd be two levels for both batarangs and spider-trackers.

Damage-wise, these cool things do one more level of Strength damage. So batarangs would be Strength x4, and a taser-claymore would do Strength x6 damage.

Things with extra attributes (which is kind of the point of some of these things) like taser-swords or shredder rounds (Armor Piercing1 rounds) simply combine with no extra damage, to do damage and knock you out, or slice through armor at supersonic speeds.

To track your enemy to his hideout, or create a localized flashbang/otherwise incapacitating Gadget, Staff will contact you with the details of them, and you can use them at your discretion - theoretically, they can have repercussions in metagame terms.

Cost: 2/level

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