George St George
George St. George
Portrayed By: Andre Royo
Status: Alive
Age: 41
Occupation: Hospital Owner
Theme Song: Teardrop by Massive Attack
Alias: The Staff, formerly Bloody Hell
Powers: Healing

Dr. George St. George, M.D is better known as The Staff, the designated healer of S.U.P.E, the U.N's super-hero peacekeeping force. He used to work as a surgeon but the capital he made from various sponsorships, endorsements, and royalties as The Staff allowed him to start his own hospital chain in his hometown of Newcastle, England.


George was born in Elswick to Jamaican immigrants Duane and Mattie St. George, who owned a small corner shop that supported the family through thick and thin. School records indicate that he did fairly well, though the sciences were not his strong point.

In his late teens, the young George idolized a member of his church who happened to be a medical doctor. The man seemed to be well-respected and had everything George wanted and so he resolved to be just like him. The fact that he had recently discovered his own abilities helped.

Unable to cope with the demands of medical school, he cheated his way through Newcastle University - confident that when he finally practiced, it would not matter. He would use his power to make sure his patients were taken care of.

Which was exactly what he did. It was around that time that Super-Heroes rose to the limelight, and he realized that he wasn't the only one with powers. Having reached his adolescent goals, it was time to move on - and move on he did, as Bloody Hell.

He was struck with the idea while working the emergency ward and realized how few civilians actually benefited from being saved - the fact remained that most criminals often used those around them as hostages at the first sign of super-hero interference, and the results weren't pretty. Despite that, the people loved them - and St. George did too, in his own fashion. He wanted what they had - and since he had a power, why not?

The name was an inside joke, given the number of times those words were uttered in both the ICU and the emergency ward. His actual emergence as a costumed crusader took careful planning. First, he took classes in gymnastics, in order to keep up with the masked community. Then, he slowly acquired a small arsenal of non-lethal weapons, from tasers to flashbangs. He designed and made the suit himself - a flaming mask to hide his features and a military get-up underneath a white doctor's coat emblazoned with a stylized logo featuring red flames.

On March 5, 1994, Bloody Hell introduced himself to Newcastle. At first, he worked with Day-Man, one of Newcastle's other super-heroes. Over the years, he managed to prove his worth to his city and then his country. While not the most famous or well-liked, Bloody Hell (Though often referred to simply as 'The Geordie') became a household name in the U.K and when the U.N backed S.U.P.E was formed, his name was on the list.

Needless to say, he accepted. His popularity skyrocketed and with it, the means to establish his own chain of hospitals. Silene Enterprises is quickly becoming one of the more successful private healthcare providers in Northern England.


George often comes across as snarky, given his caustically dark humour. He is one of the more assertive members of S.U.P.E, and usually takes the lead when The Swan is not present.

Masked Persona

A red turtleneck under an expensive black suit vest and a nomex bodysuit. The Staff is officially sponsored by Umbro, and the under-suit incorporates a design of concentric crimson diamonds to show the brand. The octagonal Staff logo is blazoned in white across his back. The Staff has reinforced spandex leggings and a small flaring black kilt over them. A solid red upper face mask and yellow-lens ballistic goggles keep his secret identity.

In addition, The Staff wears a utility harness complete with his custom-made gadgets, as well as a custom made camelbak water container. Crime fighting requires hydration!

Powers & Abilities

  • Gadgets
  • Doctor (4)
  • Hard to Kill (5)
  • Rank: Silene Enterprises Owner (6)
  • Resources: Filthy Rich (10)


Your peeps. Folks, friends, whatever.

Recent Events

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