Harry Yakisuki
Harry Yakisuki
Portrayed By: Djimon Hounsou
Status: Alive
Age: 31
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Theme Song: Grace Kelly by Mika
Quote: We do not forgive.
Alias: Anonymous
Powers: Duplication, Superhuman Speed

Harry Yakisuki is a small business owner in Lotus City. He operates one of many alternative bookstores in the city, his specifically dealing with the spiritual and religious. He has a Masters Degree in Theology. He moonlights as Anonymous - or Anon - a vigilante metahuman. He is also head of the Supreme Team.



Harry is all about Honour. With a capital "H" and the requisite "U." Being raised by strict Japanese parents will do that to you.

Masked Persona

Anonymous is very quiet during the prowl. He prefers to kill the bad guys. He wears a somewhat rumpled suit - the same one Harry wears at work - black jacket and pants, white shirt with a thin black tie. He dons a full body Green Man spandex suit underneath his suit. He occasionally wears a floppy black fedora. His tie is usually loosened.


  • Bounty Hunter (4)
  • Criminal (2)
  • Hard to Kill (2)
  • Situational Awareness (2)


No one of interest, as yet.

Recent Events

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