Helena Wodenson
Helena Wodenson
Portrayed By: Elsa Hosk
Status: Alive
Age: 24
Occupation: Writer
Theme Song: 7 Stars - The Apples In Stereo
Alias: Mistilteinn
Powers: Killing Baldr

Helena Wodenson comes from a famous line of Swedish metahumans who have protected the Scandinavian region for the last 1300 years. She is a go-between for the SUPEs and several countries. And a favorite among fanboys.


Many centuries ago there was a man called Gram. He was the first Wodenson. He was a metahuman.

His brothers-in-arms began referring to him as Gungnir - "the unswaying one." Any battle he joined ended in his favor, his power and his people never falling under the weight of war. He could be the deciding factor in battles where his men were outnumbered ten to one. Gram never left survivors. His battles were legendary. He's often cited by Anglo historians as a major inspiration for Beowulf legends.

From the eighth century CE, his descendants have protected their homelands. All across Scandinavia, from Denmark to Norway to Sweden, the people are protected by his superhuman line. Unbeknownst to the people, they are all of the Wodenson clan.

Not prominent, the family has likely kept the secret for so long because they are completely unknown. Gram's many sons had many sons themselves, and they continued to defend and fight for their countries. From son to son, this family has preserved its legacy.

And Helena Wodenson was not supposed to be a female, you see. Her father, a stone mason, and her mother, a watch-repairer, were both metahumans. Her father was unparalleled in speed. He could travel the globe in just a few hours. Her mother could stop bullets in their tracks - or people. A psychokinetic. Being a Wodenson, her father (alias Almace) expected many sons, but he only ever got one daughter. While he never minded (who could, with such a cute baby like Helena?), he pushed her to the more masculine things. When she wanted dolls, he bought her a sword. If she wanted to have a sleep-over party, he'd take her camping and leave her in the woods. And Helena loved it.

It was alright, usually. She was a metahuman from the moment she was born. Helena wasn't just fast like her father. She was strong. Unbelievably so. Stronger, even, than her many superpowered cousins - all males. Her father couldn't have been happier. He never stopped her from pursuing other interests, and she eventually became a very big fan of the American Rolling Stone magazine. Helena joined newspaper clubs all through school, culminating in a Journalism major from America's Columbia University.

She fought crime and started making a name for herself internationally while in the states, building a solid reputation while there based on her popular Swedish blog The Girl Who Fights With Crime. New York City just about couldn't deal with that much collateral damage. She once threw a man through a skyscraper.

While her father and her were bonding over sword-fights and cookies, her mother (alias Hauteclere) made sure she never strayed too far into crime-fighting. She kept her daughter firmly grounded, keeping sure she stayed well-ahead of her peers in school and participated with just enough ability in sports to look normal. Helena was never much into things like that, and a lot more of her time was spent reading and playing board games with a few friends. Her first boyfriend was actually a relative of the man who created Settlers of Cattan, who she met online.

Being one of the more powerful Wodenson's, Helena quickly became a power-player in international heroics. While the people of the countries she defended were quick to call her the Golden Haired Warrior, she knew she would soon have to tell them the name her family chose for her. Every Wodenson who had ever fought crime gained a name to use when masked, and in a very elaborate family ritual, as old as Gram Wodenson himself, she was dubbed Mistilteinn. She was given a large broadsword, which she usually uses in conjunction with her flailing weapon, which she calls Obi-Wan.

As Mistilteinn, Helena would go on to become Sweden's media darling, and her blog, detailing the life of a modern super-heroine and the erratic, entertaining thoughts of a modern-day immigrant, made her world famous. Helena herself writes professionally for the popular Swedish-American magazine, Yes, We Have Accents, though spends most of her time fighting crime in costume.

Her family could not be prouder.


Helena is very sweet girl. She is one of the most compassionate, kindhearted individuals one could meet. She has been told she has anti-Hot Chick-syndrome. She is perpetually out of luck with men, however - most of the people who hit on her are repugnant - and her family does only date metahumans.

Masked Persona

Very rigid, yet lovable - she tried to crack wise but generally fails. Mistilteinn is notable for using medieval weaponry (usually a morning-star, though she does have a sword on her back and knows how to use it) to get the job done.


  • Strength: 9
  • Dexterity: 8
  • Constitution: 7
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Willpower: 3


Helena is good friends with fellow SUPE The Pearl. She maintains great relationships with her family, and often recruits a few members when the In-Training team needs some back-up - she is the only famous SUPE who has a phone-line you can call to speak with.

Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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