This isn't just being a nice guy. You follow some specific, well thought out code of honor that is so true to you that you need to make a Willpower (doubled) check to break it even in deadly situations. If you fail it, you cannot break the code. Honorable comes in three levels.

Your character doesn't lie to or betray friends, family, or people he respects. Anybody else is fair game.
Value: 1

Whether it be friend or foe, your character doesn't betray the trust of others and keeps his promises. Because of this, he takes giving her word seriously. He wouldn't even lie to a supervillain.
Value: 2

We're talking archetypical samurai honor here. Your character seriously and faithfully abides by the code laid out but also will not ambush an enemy (that's cowardly), hit a helpless enemy (unfair), kiss a girl who is not pure (ungentlemanly) or cheat at poker (disgusting). She will only lie in the most extreme of cases and even then takes a penalty of between -2 and -6 on the roll. Your character might not want to be a vigilante (newsflash: it's illegal).
Value: 3

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