Hotshots was a bad movie, but the Hotshot in Masked is anything but. Having been born with, gained, or stolen amazing abilities, a Hotshot isn't necessarily the most skilled person in the room, just the most powerful.

Utilizing their unnatural (or perhaps completely natural) gift, Hotshots are easily more powerful than any human could ever be, they just lack the necessary skills to be something major league. Sure, they might be the best man for the job - they just aren't going to be the best man for a lot of jobs.

Examples in Pop-Culture: Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the unnamed, rank-and-file Shinigami from Bleach, The Human Torch (Jim Hammond version).

Attribute Points: 15
Skill Points: 15
Quality Points: 5
Possible Drawback Points: 10
Powers Points: 15
Starting Drama Points: 10

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