Lotus City is full of various establishments, locales, and, well, hotspots - that make it one of the most respected, progressive cities on the planet. Of course, we specifically mean wireless hotspots. Every single location in the following list is a wireless hotspot - but then again, the whole damn city is wireless.

It is also a room on our grid out-of-game - and some of these are even player owned and/or operated. From Van Lente Park to the TAC, there are virtually dozens (if not hundreds) of places you can frequent. We've broken these down into the five areas that make up the City. You'll find that the Inner City has been divided between 'Rucka Heights' and 'Downtown'.

Inner City

The 'hood, as it were. The Inner City is immaculately cleaned by a devoted team of sanitation engineers and neat-freaks alike. Litter and clutter are not tolerated and, by law, would result in a fine not to be any less than one thousand dollars. Needless to say, the laws are usually followed. Heavily urban and unapologetically modern, the Inner City is, like all of Lotus City proper, strikingly beautiful on the surface.


The Penny Backpacker - An extremely affordable (and more importantly, hygienic) hostel, frequented by tourists and runaways.
Lotus City Underground Station - With stops all over the city, the main hub of Lotus City's subways is located in the heart of the city
Simon R.R. Erikson College A small, secretive institute, EC (Erikson College) is located deep in the heart of Lotus City. Attended by an unusually diverse group of students, EC has a little over one thousand undergraduates. It has mandatory dormitories (for freshmen and sophomore students) made from recently completed apartment structures, rather spacious and close to the campus proper.
City Hall - Home to corrupt politicians and public sector assholes alike.
Courthouse - Central civil courthouse for Lotus City. They will eat your soul. Provided you have the right paperwork filled out, of course. There are several secondary civil courthouses and a few large criminal courthouse buildings in the surrounding city block.
Lotus City Police Headquarters - Located across from City Hall.
Storm Grounds - At least it isn't spelled with a "z." A popular coffeehouse that has a wide menu and hosts impromptu open-mic nights. Or mornings. It could attack at any time.

Rucka Heights

Crypton - Lotus City's largest comic book store.
Lindelof-Cuse International Airport - The largest airport in the area, it is, of course, modeled after The Island.
Lotus City Library - The Lotus City Library is a publicly-run institution, funded both privately and by the state. It houses just a few million books less than the Library of Congress, though is admittedly full of nicer people.
Lotus City University - The renown member of it's State University system, LoCU (pronounced "low - see - you") offers great tuition prices, affordable loans, and endless possibilities.
MacKenzie Hospital Center - Lotus City's largest hospital.


Golden Sheaves - An affordable, large local grocery store chain. Conveniently organic for the discerning chef in all of us.
LCMM - The Lotus City Metropolitan Museum, home to fine arts and a prestigious music house.
The Plaza - Lotus City's largest mall.
TAC - The Tamez Art Center, home to contemporary art and consistently host to traveling galleries.

Port Vaughan

Brown & Gay Headquarters - Housed in the architecturally acclaimed Sufjan Tower.
Enigma Labs - A research facility that specializes in cross-field application… or do they?
Lot 2342 - A nondescript warehouse.
MetroBank - The city's largest bank, locally based.
Nutelleria LC - Oh yes. We couldn't forget about this little gem. Usually not as crowded as it ought to be.
Port of Lotus City - One of the nation's busiest ports.

Waid Hill

The Baked Cafe - 24 hour vegan cafe.
Good Reads - A local bookstore with a huge selection, both new and used.
Van Lente Park - A large, partially forested urban park bordering the seawall.
The Kurosawa-Piccolo, Lotus City - A grand old five-star hotel.
Peak - Outlandish restaurant, great reviews, great staff, great food, great drinks, horrific owners.
The Pub - Underground supe hangout. For both the good and the neutral of the world of Masked, this is the only decidedly neutral place in the city - with the means to back such a statement up. There are rumors of a satellite location owned by the same proprietors that caters to a less altruistic clientele.

The Bog

Home to an unusually high population (current estimates suggest a powered population of about 4000) of metahumans and low-rent housing districts, mostly apartments constructed with recycled shipping containers. The Bog has recently seen a boom in non-anthropomorphic and physically-irregular metahuman population. It is becoming known as a haven for those who were born looking slightly different, or those who have powers which make them stand out in a crowd.

The Bog

Enchanted Park - The largest affordable housing unit in Lotus City.
343 Newton Road - An old house.

Bog End

The Fellowship - A literature-themed restaurant and brunch favorite for Lotus City losers.
Tavlin - A popular night club colloquially referred to as 'Spice'.


Innsmouth Penitentiary and Mental Health Center - The only (publicly acknowledged) federal prison equipped to handle supes.

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