In-Character Updates

A few MU*s have gotten the admittedly brilliant idea to keep character logs. We pretty much require all scenes to be logged and submitted, not necessarily for approval but to make sure you're alive and still kicking.

Some MU*s have gone even farther, and begun keeping In-Character updates through blogs, online journal entries, false news stories, Twitter updates for their character, Facebook pages for them, and even e-mail addresses that update staff and other players with their characters latest private/public, but otherwise unrecorded, status.

We certainly don't require it, but it is really fun to do, and even if you rarely keep up with it, it's still cool for other players to get inspired or for us to laugh at the fact that you burnt your toast this morning because you were too busy staring at your wife's ass.

So far, we've got:

Ben Styx: Has a Twitter!

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