Itsuki Satou
Itsuki Satou
Portrayed By: Megumi Fujii
Status: Alive
Age: 38
Occupation: Associate Professor of Political Science
Theme Song: Nothing to Lose by Michael Learns to Rock
Alias: Reckless
Powers: Echolocation

Itsuki Satou is an occasional defense courtroom litigator who works part-time at Erikson College, teaching everything to do with law that her best friend doesn't. Of course, EC doesn't actually have a law school accredited by the wolves in the ABA - so she mostly teaches creative ways to fight crime without incrimination. Or for a few of her best students, ways to fight the law.


Growing up the only child of a single father wasn't easy, sure. If that father happened to be a prizefighter who didn't have any education beyond the high school level, and it gets a little tougher. Itty always assumed her mother was dead, and appreciated her father for what he tried to do for her. He didn't want his daughter to be "…just another uneducated working class kid". He wanted better things than what her father had. Accordingly, he arranged for her to be tutored at a young age by older students - paying them what little money he had. Often starving to get Itsuki what he believed she needed, he was, despite his own ideas on the subject, a good father. Itsuki, naturally, wanted to be like him - and would often sneak into his gym, learning what she could from his fellow fighters.

It went well enough, until she was eleven. She pushed an elderly man out of the way of an incoming trailer. It crashed, and whatever was in the container burst - splashing her. At the hospital, she realized she was blind. Once back at home, though, she realized she could still sense her surroundings - just not through sight. Things always get worse, though. This was the beginning of all that. Her father refused to throw a fight, and got shot for his troubles. Three in the chest cavity. As dead as can be.

A ward of the state, she was recognized as someone with potential. A man participating in the big brother/sister program started training her to fight. She proved to have unnatural balance, and her trainer, an MMA fighter named Al 'Sharps' Jackson, got his gymnast girlfriend to teach his new protege some of her tricks, too. Itsuki excelled at this, and she didn't forget what she saw as her duty to rise above her working class background, either. Studying hard, it was easy enough for her to get into college with a scholarship from the state.

She hadn't forgotten her father, either. Using the skills she learned and aided by her stubborn nature, she eventually tracked down the people responsible for her father's death. It was a bad day for them. Rising above it, she enrolled in Lotus City University's law school. There she met her best friend and current Dean of Liberal Arts at Erikson College - Simon 'Dumbass' Cradle. Cradle, with his encyclopedic knowledge but lack of pizzazz, turned their friendship into a dynamic duo.

She hadn't forgot her abilities, though, and used them to help people whenever she could. When supes stepped out from behind the curtain, she took to the streets as a masked vigilante: Reckless. As Reckless she left Lotus City to uncover and unravel a criminal secret society, which led her all around the globe. She met her first love: Gordon Singh, aka Whiplash. A super-villain. Her list of former loves gets worse from there, and there's no super-hero who's lost so much again and again. It's given her a penchant for black humor and a sense of contentment that soldiers tend to have. She came back to Lotus City four years ago, opening a law firm with her old pal Dumbass Cradle. They were approached to teach at Erikson College, and Satou accepted. She hadn't donned the mask since her return, until now. Reminded that even Lotus City- especially Lotus City- needs her heroes. There is no such thing as risk.


Itsuki appears to be a generally happy free spirit. Under the mask, she's, well, ridiculously reckless - with no regard for her own well-being. How she's survived is beyond anyone who knows her and her secrets.

Masked Persona

A solid blue suit complete with half-mask, designed to fit her unique fighting style. It has a single 'R' in bold on the chest, in stark white Helvetica.


  • Strength: 2 (3)
  • Dexterity: 3 (5)
  • Constitution: 2 (3)
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Willpower: 1 (2)


Dumbass Cradle - Best friend. Supervisor at EC. Old law partner.

Recent Events

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