Jack Davenport
Jack Davenport
Portrayed By: Doug Jones
Status: Alive
Age: 46
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Theme Song: A Day in the Life by The Beatles
Quote: Time to… away!
Alias: Argentum
Powers: Invisibility, Invulnerability

Jack Davenport is a computer programmer and electrical engineer working for Brown & Gay Industries in Lotus City. He is just another face in the crowd, for the most part, whenever he is seen. Except when he's not to be seen at all. Jack is secretly the metahuman adventurer Argentum. He is also head of the Perfect Electorate, a fanatical, if well meaning, superhuman squad.



Jack is quite literally mad as a hatter. And damn proud of it.

Masked Persona

Argentum is every bit as crazy as Jack Davenport - quite a bit mad, though mostly for show. His body turns a metallic silver whenever he is in costume. It functions as a full-body covering, obscuring all detail but his eyes. Argentum is not only powerful, but sneaky as all get out. A master tactician.


  • Highly Skilled (4)
  • Hard to Kill (1)


No one of interest, as yet.

Recent Events

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