Jake Tremonti
Jake Tremonti
Portrayed By: Guy Fieri
Status: Alive
Age: 45
Occupation: TV Personality
Theme Song: -
Alias: Scorcher, Razer, Knifeman, Thrasher One
Powers: Hemo-Combustion

Jake "Scorcher the Razer" Tremonti is a television personality and former superhero. In recent years, Tremonti has made appearances in several television shows and independent movies. He directed a music video for Nickelback in 2005.


In 1994, Tremonti engaged in several acts of vigilantism. He used his hemo-combustion powers and in line skating skills to end several instances of violent crime. After appearing on an interview with legendary VJ Brooke Weaver, he starred in an extreme sports reality show in which 'Scorcher' would learn a new extreme sport every season, and use it to intimidate potential criminals.

Jake Tremonti's blood burning powers required his targets to bleed in order to activate, so he carried a variety of knives.

'The Real Concrete' faced criticism for its depiction of African-Americans and sexist undertones, but the episode 'Gruff Tiez' showcased two shoplifters sustaining multiple lacerations and burns from Tremonti.

"People are getting hurt, but you gotta keep going. Motherfuckers are expectin me to mellow out, but that's that Sarah McLachlan shit, you know bro? We got some of that negative energy, so it's time to acknowledge the positive energy, too. "

Tremonti was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and grew up in Daytona, Florida. He worked as a tattoo artist and landscaper before he decided to use his powers to fight crime.

In 2008, a sex tape was released on the Internet. Tremonti filed a lawsuit against six websites. There was some speculation about the age of his partner, but Tremonti maintains that "she was legal, bro. I don't mess around with people's daughters like that, you know? It's about respect."

In 2010, a musical collaboration with Katy Perry was rumored, but denied by Perry's office. Tremonti said "It was all about the nookie, man, all about the nookie". Katy Perry later said "there was absolutely no 'nookie' involved".

Despite the profitability of earlier ventures, Tremonti sold all his Los Angeles property and his car collection.



Masked Persona

Tremonti used to wear shin-length cargo pants decked out in straps to keep his knives in. His top changed depending on the mood, but he always wore nylon bracers that doubled as knife sheathes. Occasionally, he would wear a beanie detailed with flames. His inline skates and scooter were always sported chrome flames.


  • Strength: 8
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Constitution: 7
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Perception: 4
  • Willpower: 2


Just about every sub $5 million celebrity.

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