Jane Camden
Jane Camden
Portrayed By: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Status: Alive
Age: 46
Occupation: Police Sergeant
Theme Song: Black Sand by Jenny Lewis
Alias: CNI
Powers: Magnetic Manipulation

Jane Camden is a major player in Canadian superheroing, and she and her team regularly investigate problems in their neighbor to the south: the United States. Occasionally even Lotus City!


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A loving mother and generally very pleasant, Jane did not adopt her husbands name. She is the sole benefactor of her parents sizable estate.

Masked Persona

CNI is the straight-woman to her husbands zany antics. Both in and out of costume. As her name implies, she controls the ferrous metals with astounding precision.


  • Detective (9)
  • Resistance: Pain (1)
  • Resources (4)


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Recent Events

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