Janice Myers
Janice Myers
Portrayed By: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Occupation: LCPD Detective
Theme Song: The Boys of Summer - Don Henley
Alias: Come Again
Powers: Duplication.

Janice Myers is a consultant to Erikson College, and a police detective.


Lotus City native Janice Myers has always been the odd woman out - but then, she can always just outnumber the odds.


Myers rose in the ranks because damn it - she gets the job done. In many ways, she is the stereotypical detective - abrasive, controlling, conniving, and occasionally known to bend the rules - and damn it she gets the job done. Of course, the chief always has the mayor on his ass because of her - but damn it she gets the job done.

Masked Persona

Kind of a creep.


  • Strength: 3
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Constitution: 4
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Willpower: 4



Recent Events

None yet.


The actresses playing Janice almost dropped out when told the character could not be called Dupli-Mary-Kate.

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